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Asking permission for a non-profit TV show? Candy Wolff URL

2012/07/20 (Fri) 01:59:03

Good morning!

Our Vocaloid fan group, "Symphony of Vocaloid," would like to make a television show about Vocaloid. We want to play the show on American television. Our goal is to make Miku and Vocaloid known in the West. We do not want to earn money from it, only help people in America and other countries love Vocaloid.

We want to ask companies that make Vocaloid singers, P's, PV directors, and MMD modelers for permission to use their work in the TV show. None of us read Japanese well.

After American TV, we want to play the TV show in other countries and on the Internet. Your letters for P's are very helpful, but we do not know how to ask for our show in Japanese. I would also like to help with English on this website if you want help.


Re: Asking permission for a non-profit TV show? web master (Y.Tsujii) URL

2012/07/20 (Fri) 21:06:50

Thank you for your message.
I have been sick in bed.
Please wait until Sunday.
I'm sorry.

Re: Asking permission for a non-profit TV show? web master (Y.Tsujii) URL

2012/07/22 (Sun) 00:40:50

Dear Candy Wolff.
Thank you for waiting.

I will help as much as possible.
But, it is not easy.
Because, secondary use of Vocaloid content is limited to creative activity.
In most cases: Continuing to use the original videos is not allowed.

More information is required in order to negotiate with the creators.
What TV show?
Will look something like MTV?
What is videos you want to use?
How use it?
More information of TV show is required.
You may want to decide things slowly.

I'm sorry, my English is poor.

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